About Us - Southwark
This isn’t just about doing what’s legally necessary. We’re given the freedom to be creative; to go above and beyond to transform children’s lives.
Social Worker
  • COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our borough. Responding to and recovering from the pandemic is an unprecedented challenge and will be our biggest priority in the months and years ahead. Our plan sets out the bold action we will take to:

    • create a fairer and more just society
    • deliver new quality, affordable homes
    • tackle the climate emergency
    • rebuild the local economy
    • give young people in our borough the best opportunities in life
  • Our vision for all our children and families is a simple one;
    We want all children and young people in Southwark to grow up in a safe, healthy and happy environment where they have the opportunity to reach their potential.

    We will achieve this through our mission of;

    • Putting Children First – this means prioritising and actively supporting all children and young people’s right to grow up safe,
      healthy and happy, in their own families and communities, when it is safe to do so.
    • Keeping Families Strong – this means working together with parents and carers, and the networks and services around them, to enable their families to be safe, healthy and happy.

Our Practice Principles

To deliver our vision all of us and our services need to work to common principles. Principles that underpin everything we do in our day to day business, as the golden thread through our practice, our engagement with children, families, the community, our partners and each other.

  • Child/Young Person Centred

    Hearing and championing the voice of children by understanding their lived experience and responding to this, with active listening and participation at its heart.

  • Family minded

    Providing adults and children with the opportunities and tools they need to set goals together, create plans and achieve those goals.

  • Strengths-based

    Considering first what people can do with their skills and resources, and what those around them offer in their families and communities.

  • Evidence informed

    Using the views and experiences of young people and families, their own  expertise  alongside that of practitioners, and what research of all forms tell us, to guide what we do

  • Relationship based

    Working with people, not doing things to or  for them, developing and supporting meaningful relationships, with compassion and respect.

  • Outcome focused

    Working with purpose to achieve the aspiration, goals and priorities of those who use our services, while safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.

  • Fair

    Working in an open and transparent way, understanding the difficulties children, young people and families face, promoting a just culture based on rights and accountability.

  • Reflective

    Thinking about what we do and have done, what we know and need to know, questioning our understanding and assumptions, and those of others, and continually learning.

At Southwark Children’s Services, we pride ourselves on doing our vital job differently. Our systemic, holistic, family-centred approach sits at the core of our values. And our endlessly supportive, collective, colleague-centred culture underpins everything we do to protect vulnerable children across our borough.

Progressive organisation

At the heart an ambitious, progressive organisation, our Children’s Services team lives and breathes Southwark Council’s broader vision: ‘A fairer future for all’. We passionately believe in giving children in our area the best start in life, in a safe, stable and healthy environment. 

We see our role not just as protecting and advocating for vulnerable children, but using everything in our power to support families and keep them strong.


Southwark is an incredibly exciting and culturally diverse borough with over 120 languages proudly spoken.  As such it is an enriching, rewarding, and vibrant place to live and work.  Southwark Council is working closely with staff and our community as part of our Southwark Stands Together pledge – working together to combat racism, discrimination and inequality.

Team spirit

The camaraderie and joint responsibility is everywhere you look. Group supervision, close multi-agency relationships and networks of clinical, therapeutic and child protection professionals all come together to allow you to be the best children’s social care professional possible.


As an inner-city borough, Southwark is a challenging and complicated, but equally rewarding place to develop and hone your skills as a social worker.  We recognise that working with complexity requires specialist support, which is why at Southwark you will be practising within a strong Practice Framework, including embedded systemic practice and support from our clinical practitioners.

A place on the rise

Join us and you won’t just be a member of an admired and well-resourced team, you’ll work in a part of the capital that’s seriously on the rise. A place of cultural vibrancy, entrepreneurial business and acclaimed green spaces, where cutting edge 21st Century sits side-by-side with old London heritage.